Gag Box-World's Easiest Diet

Gag Box-World’s Easiest Diet


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If you???ve got someone in your life that???s always complaining about his or her weight, then we???ve got the perfect gag gift for you. The World???s Easiest Diet Gag Box is a classic gag gift that???s sure to bring a smile to everyone???s face, even the would-be victim. Designed to help create a results-driven weight loss program, the gag box comes a spoon with a big hole in the center and a fork with the fingers cut in half, making each bite of food frustratingly difficult to consume. Because hey, what makes for a better diet tool than one in which the dieter can???t get a hold of their food™ The World’s Easiest Diet Gag Box provides an innovative and hilarious way to help you or your loved ones lose weight. And it comes in a retro box that makes it perfect for gift giving.