Prank Envelopes : Set of 6


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Ever want to horribly embarrass someone so badly but not get caught. You sneaky devil, well here’s your chance! These ridiculous Envelopes feature completely immature fake letterhead and markings that appear completely legitimate. The receiver will be devastated and weirded out by your dirty work and you’ll be laughing hysterically. The Envelopes include senders that will make the twenty-seven year old (going on thirteen years old) giggle and blush. You might as well go for it, that guy who ‘forgets’ to empty the dryer’s lint tray in your apartment complex ain’t getting any more considerate.- Six different, hilarious Envelopes per package.- Each Envelope is 6″ x 9″ and fits most greeting cards.- Examples include: Sheep Lovers International, Ltd, Back Hair Removal, and moreā„¢- All titles are completely and utterly stupid but meant for adults.