Prank Sign Bathrooms Are Monitored


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Is there anything in the realm of public embarrassment that™s more frightening than the prospect of being walked in on while using a public bathroom stall™ What about being monitored in the bathroom™via a video camera™ Well, that™s just the fear scenario that is manifested in the minds of the gullible victims that pay heed to the Bathrooms Are Monitored Prank Sign. Simply hang the sign near any public restroom, and watch people start frantically looking for the hidden cameras. Just be sure you™ve got a mop handy, as some would-be victims might soil themselves in an attempt not the be ™monitored.™ The Bathrooms Are Monitored Prank Sign affixes to smooth surfaces by peeling the protective strips off, making it both an easy and hilarious prank. Prudes beware!