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We’re getting worried in our family.Uncle Saul used to say the blessings. He was fluent in Hebrew and knew them forwards and backwards. (actually, since it’s Hebrew…. backwards and forwards) But Uncle Saul moved on to that great Accountant’s Office in the sky.Then came cousin Louis. Granted, he wasn’t as skilled as Saul, but he could still muster a convincing homotzi if he had to.But when Louis steps down, who will say the blessingsā„¢ The younger family members (and by younger, we mean those under sixty) simply have not bothered to learn Hebrew. We’ll be, as they say in Israel, up Lipschitz Creek.Thank G-d, someone has invented SAY-A-BLESSING. It’s an electronic device that’s like having a rabbi in your pocket.Say-A-Blessing expertly recites EIGHT essential blessings — You’ll get blessings for food, for wine, for meat, fruit, and even for the washing of hands.All of the blessings are said slowly, giving the entire family time to recite them with the electronic rabbi.PLUS, as an added bonus, there are two complete Jewish prayers, including The Shema!Say-A-Blessing is endorsed by leading rabbis. And as an extra mitzvah, batteries are included. Such a deal!