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The most innovative product has yet to reveal is this Video Recording Pen. Completely discreet and unnoticeable, this Pen is a guaranteed good time! Of course you’ve got to use it appropriately, we’re strongly against any funny business. Make fun office videos from the Pen’s perspective, catch car rides unlike you ever have, get videos of birds, dogs, horses and all wildlife that may be spooked by a larger camera. You’re the film maker so make the call. Lights, camera-PENS, Action! Kit includes: – UL charger with removable USB adapter cord. – Pen (unscrews into two halves to allow connection to any USB port on a computer). – Direction pamphlet (in English and Chinese). *Details: – Video and sound record in .avi format only. Can easily be uploaded, edited, and stored on most computers with editing software. – Full color and pretty amazing quality Video and sound. – 4 Gigabytes of storage on the Pen (approximately an hour and a half). – Protective piece in one half of the Pen must be removed before use. – Real working Pen! (black ink).