La Queefer


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Ever found yourself determined to turn heads with a moist queef noise, but you didn???t feel like you had the proper amount of air ???up there???™ Then lady do we have the perfect solution for you: La Queefer. Capable of recreating vaginal fart sounds (yes, you read that right), the La Queefer Fart Maker is one of the most controversial and hilarious gag gifts that can be found on the Internet today. Simply give the bright pink cylinder a squeeze and let the games begin. La Queefer makes realistic queef sounds in the palm of your hands, making it a ???hole??? of a lot of fun. In addition to making the perfect gag gift for the gasey woman in your life (and we do mean ???gag???), La Queefer is a must own for anyone with a solid collection of flatulence devices.