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6 Suspects, 9 Weapons, 9 Rooms. . .One Dead Chicken!One stormy night in Quahog, Rhode Island, the Griffin family hosts a dinner party to make amends with invited guest, Ernie, the giant chicken. The dinner party gets out of hand and the feud between Peter and the Giant Chicken ends in ???fowl??? play. . .WHO killed the Giant Chicken™WHAT Family Guy weapon was used™WHERE in the Griffins??? house did it occur™Was it Brian, the sharp-witted mutt with his leash; Stewie, the megalomaniacal 1-year old with his baby bottle nunchucks or Peter, the brash, obnoxious and boisterous patriarch with the pirate sword™ They all look guilty, but which suspect actually killed the Giant Chicken™Game comes complete with 9 custom Weapons, One-of-a-kind illustrated game board, 6 Suspect movers, Deck of Personality Cards, Deck of Rumor Cards, Custom score pad, Clue scandal envelope and 2 dice.