Fundies – Underwear for Two


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The pinnacle of pointless undergarments has arrived, folks! The Fundies – Underwear for Two will have you asking: “…Why™”. And when you’re done asking “Why™”, you’ll ask “Why™”. You’ll be a whole batch of “Why’s” and rightfully so. Sorry but we don’t have your answer. We don’t have many answers in fact. However, we’re really good at making them up. These Undies help two individuals in locales with washing machine shortages. They allow two people to uncomfortably but successfully fit into one pair of Underwear. The four leg holes allow enough room to walk… one way. The quality material resists chaffing and keeps the body cool. You won’t need to wash two pairs of Underwear, just one. Those without washing machines can live much better without the burden of an extra pair of Undies. So you can probably wear these nowhere without getting arrested but it sure is a thoughtful idea.