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Do you love things like jogging at night, partying at night, baking at night or really anything in the DARKā„¢ Here’s your necessary uniform. This awesome Glow Light Suit fits all people and illuminates in the shape you design in all dark conditions. So you could be a walking, glowing, stick figure or a walking, glowing peace sign. The suit is reusable so don’t forget you can toss the old Glow Sticks and replace them with the new ones to wear for another round. We also have the refill kit, which includes just the self-adhesive Glow Sticks. Don’t just play in the dark, play WITH the dark! Each kit includes: (1) reusable black jumpsuit, (25) 200mm self-adhesive glow sticks, (15) 100mm self-adhesive glowsticks, (10) 50mm self-adhesive glow sticks, (20) connectors, (1) pair of glow glasses. The arms and legs can be trimmed or rolled to fit with no sewing necessary and no fraying. After a long use of the suit, simply peel off the old glow sticks and attach the new ones. The refill kit includes: The Refill Kit includes: (25) 200mm self-adhesive glowsticks, (15) 100mm self-adhesive glowsticks, (10) 50mm self-adhesive glowsticks, (20) connectors, (1) pair of glow glasses. The Suits are $29.99 and the Refill Kits are $14.99. Light Suit: Adult Small (taller than 5′ but shorter than 5’7″) Light Suit: Adult Medium (taller than 5’7″ but shorter than 5’11”) Light Suit: Adult Large (5’11” and taller)