Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Ice Cube Tray


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Do you still cringe when Vader orders Han Solo to be frozen in Carboniteā„¢ We do and we’re facing our fears daily with these Hans Solo Ice moulds. They look exactly like the film’s frozen Solo and they work for ice and chocolate. You’ll find 6 drinking glass-sized moulds and 1 large one in each Ice Tray. Experiment with all kinds of Ice mould creations and scenarios. You can deck your fridge out like Cloud City and prepare the Cubes for freezing. Wear your Darth Vader suit while performing these actions and no, your Darth Vader underwear does not count. When guests come over and you serve drinks for the evening, they’ll be shocked and dismayed that they’re drinking to Solo’s misfortune. Prepare your most sinister, mechanized laugh and storm off to the flight decks.