Sky Diving Freud


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Behind Sigmund Freud’s intellectual, scholarly appearance was awild man who really knew how to party. Sure, duringworking hours, he would wear a black suit, sit in achair, and listen to patients talk about dreams andsexual desires. But after hours, Freud would take offthat black suit, put on a gray suit, and cut loose! Though he loved snorkeling and bungee jumping, Freud’s favoritepast time was sky diving! In fact, the Wright Brothers would take him up in their plane in exchange for prescriptions of Paxil and Lexapro. Now you can re-enact Freud’s hobby with the Sky Diving Sigmund Freud kit. You get a 5″ tall Sigmund Freud action figure and a 26″ parachute with a rubber harness. Toss him high into the air or drop him from a tall building — either way, the Brain Chute will popopen so Freud can safely float down to terra firma.