Prank Foaming Lighter


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Get ready for a prank no one would EVER expect! This Foam shooting Lighter will surprise the heck out of anyone who needs a “light”. When the foolish victim plays with the Lighter, the press of the ignition button will erupt a white foam geyser. People will scream and run for their lives. Perhaps this is a great way to scare someone out of smoking. In any case, this prank is hilarious and a sure fire hit in any situation that just doesn’t have enough FOAM.- Simply press the Foam can to the Lighter to load the foam and you’re ready to go.- The Foam will eject at the press of the ignition button.- Foam shoots up to 5ft in the air!- Foam is harmless and disappears in minutes.- Foam can holds up to 20 charges.Can be used over and over. Works great with smokers and non-smokers alike.